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Greeting of His Grace, Bishop Ilarion on the Feast of the Holy Hierarch St. Ilarion

Your Grace, Dear Bishop Ilarion,
Your Grace, Dear Bishop Andriy,
Reverend Fathers, and Father Deacons, and families,
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Below is a greeting to you, Dear Vladyka Ilarion, on the occasion of your names-day, the Feast-day of St. Ilarion of Kyiv.

(Above also is a photo of an icon of St. Ilarion of Kyiv which is found in the St. Ilarion of Kyiv chapel at the Office of the Consistory.)

Once again, may God grant you Many, Blessed Years, Vladyko!

Here is further wishing everyone a blessed “14th Wednesday” of the Akathist to Our Lord Jesus Christ, (on Wed Nov 3rd.)

з нами Бог, z namy Boh, God (is) with us!
(Fr.) Taras Udod,
Chancellor, UOCC