About The Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada (UOCC)

The seed of the Orthodox Faith was sowed on the Canadian land, not by missionaries, but by simple peasants, who came from Ukraine and established themselves on the Canadian prairies. It is indeed on this simple, but at the same time deep, faith of the Ukrainian peasants-pioneers that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada was established.

UOCC Brief History

Most of the first Ukrainian settlers came to Canada from Halychyna (where they were Greek Catholics) and from Bukovyna (where they belonged to the Orthodox Church). The Halychany, settling in Canada, where visited once in awhile by Greek-Catholic priests...


The Episcopate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada consists of the Metropolitan of Canada, the Bishop of Edmonton and the Western Eparchy, the Bishop of the Eastern Eparchy, and Metropolitan-Emeritus of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada...


Our administration has personnel all across Canada, and is represented by a Chancellor, Central, Western and Easter Eparchy, auditors and church tribunal (elected at the annual general meeting), committees of the consistory of the UOCC along with its office staff and others...

100 Years of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Canada

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Waterford/Waterloo Parish Iconography Class and Pilgrimate to St. Anthony's Greek Orthodox Monastery


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St. Andrew's College, Mini College 2014


Many people have wonderful memories of the time they spent at summer camp. The friendships, the laughter, and even the difficult moments made for an experience they never forgot. Now, there are more Orthodox camping programs than ever and these camps are still teaching and transforming the lives of youth with various fun and exciting programs. Read more…

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