UOCC Descent Of The Holy Spirit Sobor

Descent Of The Holy Spirit Sobor

UOCC Descent Of The Holy Spirit Sobor


Services and activities provided by the Descent of the Holy Spirit, Ukrainian Orthodox Sobor include:

  • All Divine Liturgies (English language services are held each first Sunday of the month, all other services are bi-lingual English-Ukrainian)
  • Matins
  • Akathist services every Wednesday evening
  • Saturday Vespers
  • Feast Day services
  • Celebrations of marriage rite, baptismal/chrismation rite,
  • Funeral services, Memorial (Panakhyda) servicesneral rite
  • Home blessings · Sunday coffee time and family discussionns
  • Cantor training · Choral singing · Religious studies classes
  • Discussion of social issues
  • Youth, men’s, and women’s organizations
  • Opportunities for training in pastoral work

Those wishing to become participating members should either contact the parish priest or parish executive president.

Other Programs

Sunday School

Sunday school every Sunday in the church lower level. Bible stories and how they relate to our lives. Fun with crafts, puzzles, games, and singing.


Missions have been established in Moose Jaw and Weyburn with Divine Liturgy held once a month.  Please contact Father Volodymyr for details.

Parish’ Clergies