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CHANCELLOR’s REFLECTIONS – Fore-Feast of the Nativity – Tuesday January 5th

[of the Sunday of the Genealogy of Christ – the last Sunday before the Feast of the Nativity of Our Lord]

For God so Loved the World that He sent His only begotten-Son … or as we so joyously proclaim: «Бог Предвічний народився, прийшов днесь із небес …» “The God before all ages is born, he has come from way beyond …” to us, to be with us, and to save us!

This mystery – so deep and so profound, and yet so accessible to us is God’s gift to everyone of us. The genealogical record of our Lord’s birth underscores that indeed God is born into our time, into “our” world, and yes into our circumstances, including our griefs, aches, pains and sorrows.

The genealogy of Christ demonstrates for us that no matter how much we may struggle (and certainly fear,) the Light of Christ does overcome all, and can and does lead us up to life eternal.

In this “year” of the Covid-19 pandemic, let us immerse ourselves even further in our fervent and prayerful expectation of the full manifestation of … з нами Бог! God with us!

God with us … and may we all know this deep in our hearts, today, tomorrow, (on “Svyat-Vechir,”) and everyday!

I wish and pray all of God’s blessings upon all of us as we celebrate our Lord’s Nativity in these days ahead.

(Fr.) Taras Udod,
Chancellor, UOCC