April 20 2018

As anyone will readily note – this “publication run” of our “Visnyk – the Herald” is both a combined Feb – March Great Lenten issue, AND the April – Paschal (Easter) issue printed and sent out at the same time. As I have drawn our collective attention to previously and even in my call to celebrate 100 … we are not who and what we once were …

We are brothers and sisters … being called by God to do what we can with what we have, when and where we are … and to do it faithfully – conscientiously …regardless of the challenges, difficulties and obstacles…

With this brief introduction … (some) “news and notes:”

Ecclesia Publishing Corporation:

This is a separate non-profit corporation set up in 1956 by the UOCC. It is wholly owned by the UOCC, (that is “us.”) It has published “Visnyk – the Herald” since then. It also has published other books and materials for the UOCC.

I state this simply to note that we have an “inheritance,” that we are now being called (as a Church,) to adapt to a world of on-line publishing, and social media. I believe this must be done, and the sooner the better. That said – I also believe there is no better way to honour those that have served before us, than to do so with faith and courage.

Consistory Church Goods Supply (store):

This was set up as a retail division by the UOCC in the 1950’s. Many of us “grew up” being aware of and having our parents order church goods – lots and lots of candles – from “sklad tserkovnykh rechey pry konsistoriyi.

The 23rd Sobor determined that “within 30 months” (that is by January 2018,) the CCGS was / is to be shut down. This process of “shutting down” is well underway. Your Consistory Board continues to assess what any future “church supply” may look like. More information will be forthcoming.

The service of and by the Consistory Board and the Presidium (Executive Committee):

There is a beautiful phrase in Ukrainian that calls on any group or organization to “take action…” – the phrase that I am referring to is … “uvodyty v zhyttya …” This is most certainly a challenge for any group or organization. And yet, God calls us – everyone of us … to do our part to “uvodyty v zhyttya …” – meaning to “lead into life …” or “to give life to …” – or simply put … to make things happen.

Your Consistory Board met in the days of Dec 6 – 8, 2017. This meeting sought to address numerous on-going matters in the life of our Church.

This was followed on Friday evening, Dec 8th, by an unprecedented meeting of three boards, together – the Consistory Board, the Board of Directors of St. Andrew’s College, and the Board of Directors of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada Foundation.

Members of all three boards agreed whole-heartedly that we all need to serve together for the continued welfare and on-going growth and development of our Church and our “wider hromada” (community.)

In the days of Feb 8 – 9, the Presidium met “face-to-face” over two days, at the consistory office. This was a “working meeting” with our new Finance Manager, Lois Harcus, CPA.

As many of you will have now had the opportunity to “meet” Lois – at least by email or over the phone, if not in person, I am pleased to introduce her as a most welcomed addition to the UOCC’s “head office,” – “the consistory.” Lois has brought a level of professionalism and business practices to our consistory office that is serving us well, and will continue to improve the ability of the Presidium and “consistory” to serve the membership of our beloved UOCC.

“Governance” and “best practices”…

Much work remains to be done and much effort and attention needs to be devoted by us all – especially those of us called to lead, to serve in administration, and “to govern.” I regularly have opportunities to see and experience both what has been done – is being done, as well as what remains – needs to be done …

To the membership of our beloved UOCC … dear brothers and sisters … we all want “good governance” and we want to see and have “best practices.” I challenge all of us – me included … to make this one of our individual and collective “centennial projects” – to discern what I can do, and to do it … to foster “good governance,” and “best practices” at every level of church life and governance.

z namy Boh! God (is) with us!

– Fr. Taras Udod, Chancellor of the UOCC