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To: His Grace Bishop Andriy, Honourable Presbyterate & Diaconate in Christ, God-loving & Faithful Membership of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada

28 January 2022

Beloved in the Lord!

We have – over the course of the last several weeks – been anxious and worried observers to frightful and concerning events unfolding before us (and the entire world!) as Russia amplifies it threats of increased aggression, and, indeed, invasion of our God-protected and much-suffering sovereign and independent ancestral homeland, Ukraine. For many of us in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada, Ukraine is the homeland previous generations departed from, seeking a brighter future across the sea in Canada; it is, indeed, the country of our birth; or it is the source of our expression of the Orthodox Christian faith by virtue of our choice to be active participants in worship and in the life of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada. Regardless to which category we belong, all of us understand the immense gravity of the current state of threat and the grave consequences for the entire planet of any aggressive or invasive action on the part of the Russian Federation.

Many of us are contributing to support for Ukraine through community action, dialogue with politicians, and through other modes of activism. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada is not, of course, indifferent to this issue whatsoever and desires to join the worldwide display of support for Ukraine by contributing in the way best known to Her and effected by Her – by a call to fervent prayer.

Therefore, effective 30 January 2022, I bless all clergy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada to add the attached petition to every “Litany of Fervent Supplication” (in the customary place for special petitions), both during the Divine Liturgy and, where possible, during the service of the Akathist to our Lord, Jesus Christ (as blessed in June 2021), or during any special Moleben’ scheduled in our parishes for the specific purpose of prayerful support for Ukraine.

May our All-Merciful and Almighty Lord, Jesus Christ, pour out His abundant grace upon Ukraine and her God-loving and pious people! May His Most Holy Mother, the Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary spread Her Protecting Veil over the lands and people of our beloved ancestral homeland! May the holy Archangel Michael intercede on behalf of our Ukrainian relatives and neighbours for their protection and for the putting down of the evil one and those tempted by him into carrying out malevolent acts against His people.

Боже великий, єдиний, нам Україну храни!
Пресвятая Богородице, спаси нас!
Святий Архістратиже Божий Михаїле і всі Сили Небесні, моліть Бога за нас!

With archpastoral love for you, all,
In Christ, the Lord,

Ilarion, Bishop of Edmonton & the Western Eparchy
Locum Tenens of the Metropolitan Cathedral